Statistics for CBD

  • Ages: 21-89
  • Market Size: 3.2M
  • Sales Per Year: $7M
  • CBD Legalized on: 01/01/2014
  • Is Marijuana Legal: Yes
  • Restrictions: Registration required for sales

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Learn more about CBD in Utah

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CBD oil is 100% lawful in Salt Lake City and the whole territory of Utah. That is, giving the CBD has been gathered from legitimately developed “mechanical” hemp plants with under 0.3% THC – the inebriating cannabinoid.

In December 2018, Utah officials passed House Bill 3001, legitimizing the creation and offer of hemp-determined CBD items. Before this, people who bought CBD were required to have a hemp separate enrollment card. CBD with .3 % THC or less can now lawfully be bought by non-patients living in Utah. CBD sourced from cannabis can be legitimately bought by clinical weed patients from state-authorized drug stores.