Do it Yourself + DropShipping

$249.00 / month and a $149.00 sign-up fee



The Build Your Own Store is designed for those tech-savvy entrepreneurs that want to build their own stores using Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etc… You will remain in complete control and manage every aspect of your web store.

We give you unlimited access to our product hub where you’ll be able to place orders at wholesale rates and we’ll print, pack and ship orders from your online store directly to your customers.

How does it work?

First, we’ll provide you with print-ready (PSD) Adobe PhotoShop files where you’ll design what you want your labels to look like. Don’t worry… we have a template already built into every file with product facts, ingredients, and suggested use.

Second, you’ll upload those same files we provided you with into your own cloud drive. You’ll be able to update the look and feel of your labels at anytime. We only print your labels when an order is placed.

Third, you’ll need to build your own online store and upload those products for customers to purchase… and when your store makes an order. You’ll head over to the Product Hub where you’ll submit & pay for that order.

Lastly, our fulfillment team will receive your order, print your label, pick the product, label the products, pack and ship. You’ll be notified instantly of the status of all orders along with the tracking number so you’ll be able to update your customers.

Before you enroll in this plan… please read the requirements first.

We require you to have the following:

-Your own online store and merchant services setup.

-The ability to design your own labels and product renderings. (Adobe Photoshop files…ie .PSD)

-The ability to manage customer support on your store.

-A valid credit card on file with us for your subscription.

-A valid credit card on file for purchase orders that you will place on the product hub.