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Perks include:

  • No minimum order requirements.
  • No inventory cost or fulfillment fees to you
  • Instant Approval for Credit Card Processing.
  • Brand control over your Product & Website design.
  • Product liability Insurance to keep your business safe. 
  • You set prices to control the profits on your sales.
  • Automated Marketing tools to boost sales and store awareness
Sounds too good to be true... we can assure you its not.

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You are Instantly Approved to Start Selling when you launch a store with CBDStartup

What Can I Sell?

We have over 20 of the hottest and most popular CBD Products on the market.  Gummies, Soft Gels, Tinctures, Lotions, Salves, Pain Roll-Ons, Bath Bombs, Beauty, Skin Care… and more for you to sell. We are adding more products all the time. You choose the items you want to sell, you choose the price of each item, and you select how you want to offering shipping.

Common Questions

What are the most commonly asked questions about The Instant CBD Store?

Here are the answers.

We do the following:

  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Cost of Inventory (You’re not required to purchase any inventory)
  • Design of Product Labels
  • COAs
  • Product Insurance
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Shipping & Returns

You’re in charge of the marketing of your store. We give you access to SEO your store, create blogs and view all your customers data.

Yes, we are offering you a complete turn-key solution to get you into business for as little as possible and as quickly as possible. Your website and all products will be branded with your logo and color scheme. 

We currently only offer white labeling on the products themselves. However, we work with packaging companies and you are welcome to have custom boxes made and shipped to us and we’ll fulfill your orders using those boxes. If you are wanting premium label options like Silk labels, gold or silver foil, embossing, UV finishes, etc.. We will put you in touch with our print company and they’ll assist you on getting the labels completed and sent to us for your product fulfillment.

Since we have proprietary systems running in the background that tie your site into our companies services. We grant you Editor access, which gives you complete control over the design of your site and creation of blogs, pages and SEO. If you want a custom plugin added, you will need to submit it to us for review. We just need to make sure it does not contain any malicious code or viruses that could potential affect our servers. Once we launch your store, it’s yours to edit and make revisions as much as you want.

You are in complete control over how much you want to make on each item. We’ll provide you with a set cost of goods and you can set a retail price and make 100% of the profits. We do deduct the shipping costs from your profit. 

For example: You sell a 1000mg Tincture for $100. Your cost of goods is $40 and shipping costs are $3. You would net $57 profit.

We have 2 options to launch an Instant CBD Store.

  1. Template Option: One-Time Setup Fee: $999 + $699/mo.
  2. Fully Customized Option: One-Time Setup Fee: $1499 + $799/mo.

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It might look expensive at first, but in hindsight you are actually getting a lot for your money. We provide the following:

  1. A complete ready-to-go online store without having to purchase any inventory.
  2. You are getting 100% white-labeled products with absolutely no minimum order requirements.
  3. We are warehousing all the products and
  4. We are completing all  fulfillment on orders.
  5. We handle the credit card processing and all associated fees.
  6. We offer you product insurance to keep your business safe from frivolous law-suits.
  7. We manage all shipments and returns.
  8. We provide accounting services to ensure you’re paid twice a month. 

Yes, our stores are built on WordPress and you are given complete Editor access to write blogs as well as edit the design and perform SEO on your site.

We have a complete back-end reporting & management system that shows you everything. You’ll see the complete breakdown & status of all orders up to the minute.  You’ll also receive a Text (SMS) message with the order details instantly when someone buys on your store.

Our Template Option is pretty straight forward. We’ll launch your store with the template and then it will be up to you to customize. If you don’t have much web design experience, We recommend hiring a WordPress designer if you are wanting to customize your store.

We’ll do the customizations for you if you choose the Fully Customized Instant Store.

In addition to being able to customize the look and feel on your store… we offer an affiliate program where you can sign-up others to market your store and they’ll earn a commission of your choosing. It will be up to you how you want to offer payouts and earnings on your store.

Our tiered pricing options are for selling to retailers. You can setup different prices for different stores based on many factors. We’ll help you to select the best options when launching your store.

The Sky's The Limit

We Create Unique Stores That Help Your Business Grow

We can get your online store up and running in 5-7 business days. Take a look at our store templates that you can choose from.

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Launch Your Online Store

You can have your own online store in just 5-7 days selling your own custom, branded CBD Products.

Drive Sales

Just send friends, family and followers to your store and watch the sales start to make you money.

Make Money

You'll make a residual income promoting your brand. It's so easy that everyone will be asking how you're doing it.

Business Strategy​​

Join the community of other stores & entrepreneurs to learn how others are becoming successful.

Custom Designs

We launch new shop designs you can choose from to stay relevant in an ever evolving world.

White Label

Submit your private label to be used or work with our design team to create the sleek design for your brand.

Introducing Drop Shipping For Your CBD Store!

Let us handle the fulfillment side of your business. You can stay focused on the marketing aspects.


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Jeremy was able to start his CBD company and create a lifestyle for himself & his family. Offering high quality CBD products in a rapidly growing industry.

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Overall I’ve had a great experience with CBDstartup! The quality of products and communication is amazing! The best company to work with by far.

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