European Hemp Agency considering labeling CBD a “Narcotic”

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man confused about CBD wearing a tie

On Friday, the European Industrial Hemp Association stated that any “Novel Food” needs to stop production immediately as the European Commission considers labeling hemp-derived CBD as a narcotic…

Crazy, right?

The EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association) has made a public statement noting that this implementation “will deprive farmers and food business operators from a market opportunity that is bound to generate important revenue in these times of crisis.”

Unlike CBD products that are hemp-derived, synthetically produced CBD would not be labeled a narcotic by the European Commission — a decision EIHA called “nonsense from a scientific and environmental point of view.”

CBD is truly the healthy alternative to every drug labeled under a narcotic category and even considering CBD as a narcotic seems nonsense to me and most likely every other person involved in the CBD world.

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