What is CBD Dropshipping?

For those wishing to start their own hemp-based products company, CBD dropshipping is an important tool. CBDStartup is a leader in this area, providing a wide array of bulk and wholesale hemp goods and raw materials to customers around the world. We are the most reliable source of high-quality cannabinoid ingredients including CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and much more.

cbd dropshipping

Read on to learn more about our CBD dropshipping opportunities and how they can help your business.

What is CBD Dropshipping?

\In the retail world, dropshipping refers to the act of fulfilling a customer’s order by going directly to the source. The source then sends the order directly to the customer. By utilizing our deep-rooted connections, we are able to provide a low-cost yet high-quality CBD tinctures, CBN capsules, CBG whole flower – practically any hemp-based product you can think of. Clients do not need to rent giant warehouses for their new hemp lines when using CBD dropshipping, saving both money and time.

CBDStartup has cultivated relationships throughout the supply chain, working only with reputable North America-based operators. By reducing reliance on overseas manufacturers, we can ensure orders will arrive in a timely fashion and only be of the utmost caliber.  CBD dropshipping is an efficient and effective way to get the hemp items you require, regardless of season.

Can You Dropship CBD Edibles?

CBDStartup has a wide variety of CBD dropshipping inventory available, from CBD bath bombs to hemp flower cigarettes and yes, even CBD edibles. We pride ourselves on having the best supply chain relationships in the industry, boasting a seemingly endless product catalogue meant to satisfy every customer. Shipments will always be made quickly and carefully so products arrive in peak condition.

Some of the edibles we have available include CBD gummies, CBD honey, CBD coffee, CBD water, and CBD mints. All inventory is kept in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight, meaning stale or weak edibles are a thing of the past. Our clients are always extremely satisfied with the products we provide.

How Does the CBD Dropshipping Program Work?

Starting your own CBD dropshipping business is easy and can let you earn income with little effort. CBDStartup will build your online store, white-label whatever products you want to sell, set up credit card processing, and provide innovative marketing tools. All you have to do is send us a logo and color scheme and we can do the rest. You will have the ability to set prices so you can earn as much as you want. CBDStartup then packages and ships all orders directly to your customers – all you have to do is sit back and watch the profits roll in!

CBDStartup does not have minimum order requirements, unlike other wholesale hemp providers. We won’t force you to purchase large quantities of inventory upfront – we simply fulfill each and every order as they come in, leaving the storage and shipping to us. There are absolutely zero costs associated with the product when you begin.

CBDStartup – The Best CBD Dropshipping

When it comes to building a hemp business, CBD dropshipping is an easy and hands-off way to expand. CBDStartup makes the process streamlined and simple to understand, meaning anyone can start selling their own CBD softgels or CBD skincare line within days of signing up. Our North American manufacturing partners can fulfill any sized order in a timely fashion, and all production is done in facilities meeting cGMP standards. Our web experts will build a sleek and intuitive online store designed to meet

your brand wishes while our marketing experts make attractive packaging and labels sure to impress.

Create the CBD dropshipping business of your dreams today with CBDStartup!